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“Howdy Gale and Bob: I would like to thank your staff and yourselves for the courtesy and professionalism extended to our group. We had an amazing week of fishing at Rainbow Point Lodge. Our goal for the week was to catch 100 fish per boat; we released 121 pickerel, northern, smallmouth, perch, silver pike and even a sucker. Such a diverse selection of fish. We also kept 3 pickerel to eat. We had such an awesome time and will definitely be back to try our luck again. Again thank- you so much.”
Fred B., Alberta, Canada

“Just wanted to say thanks for letting us share your little piece of heaven once again. We had a great trip, definitely the best ever for large fish. Service was excellent, the weather cooperated and the fishing was great. There were 6 of us and together for the trip and we caught 15 pike over 30 inches. I caught 5 over 30 inches myself with 2 of them being 35 inches. We actually lost count of how many Walleye we caught over 20 inches, but it was a bunch, with the largest being 31 inches. During the trip, my son hooked a 40 plus inch pike, got it to the top, we saw it, it saw the boat, the fish went straight down, the rod bent over double followed by a loud pop, the "bass pro" rod broke right at the reel mount. So if you ever see a trophy size pike pulling a rod and reel around in the lake... it's ours. The only thing that ran through my mind when I saw this "wall hanger" was we are going to need a bigger boat. The last morning that we fished it was cool and overcast with a little chop on the water, I caught 20, 24, 25 and 27.5 inch Walleyes, not to mention all of the 16 and 17 inch fish. All 6 of us were catching and releasing Walleye over 20 inches, just one after another. It was literally like they were jumping in the boat! My son said he caught more fish in one day than he had caught in his life and this was his second trip to Canada.
I started fishing on Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River some 35 years ago and started fishing the Canadian side over 20 years ago and I have never had a trip where we caught the number of large fish as we caught this trip. This year was really something special! Thanks again for running a great resort.”
Mike A, Indiana

“We have been coming up to Rainbow Point Lodge for six or seven years now and the place never changes it's always great, Gale, Bob & there Staff are always there with a smile if you need anything from bait to fishing & hunting tips or just to talk they are never to busy, The boats and motors are all up to date, I really like the electric start on the motors saves your arm for jigging for walleyes, Big roomy fish cleaning houses, The cabins are clean, warm and up to date with everything, hot showers, microwave, stove, refrigerator and cooking gear. They do say what they mean when they say, They remember that you have a choice as to where you stay for your fishing and hunting vacation. My choice will always be Rainbow Point Lodge.”
Keith B. Wi.

“Danny and I had a great time at Rainbow Point Lodge. We caught fish every day, [even in the rain] and that’s what we came to do. We had a good time. The fish fry and all the good food was awesome. It was nice to meet and talk to the other people in the camp. The camp was nice and the staff was super nice and helpful. There is no room for improvements, It is a nice place to stay!”
Kenny T, In.

“I will say I had one of the best times of my life up here at Rainbow Point. Bob and Gale know how to make you feel welcome and get a bear. Thanks Guys for a good hunt and a great time. Hopefully I will see you in the future.”
Blake, R., ILL

“We just received your news letter and memories of our week at camp last summer surfaced again. What a good week we had and how like family we were treated. Thank you both so much for your hospitality and caring. This coming June Vera and I will celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary. Sure would be nice to celebrate it at Rainbow -- and then stay another week or three.” Bill and Vera, IN

“I so enjoyed reading the latest edition of the Gazette this week. The inspiring story of how you got started with the lodge was so neat to read. My two sons and I enjoyed our days at on the lake and we often talk about it when we are together. Pictures hang on our "fishing bedroom" that capture the moments. You are great hosts and the facilities are so relaxing. Everyone did so much to make us feel at home and help us have a great experience. I remember the great fish fry on the night we arrived, catching Walleyes and a northern or two and the day we say two eagles fly out of a tree as we rounded a bend in the lake. We feel you are more than good business people you are memory makers for so many of us. Thank you!” Bob Webb, Joey and Matt, MO

"I've been going here for opening day (3rd Sat. in May) since the early 90's. The first week the weather can be iffy; I've fished in snow squalls and 80 degree temps. If you're not the hardy type, wait until June. The cabins are modern with all the conveniences of home and I always find the staff friendly and helpful. Bob & Gale take great pride in their lodge and it shows - every year there's something new, new docks, new boats, new motors, new bait house, new fish cleaning shack (hardly a shack), new, new, new.... Then there's the never ending upgrades to cabins - new decks, new bathrooms, new doors and windows. It's nice to see the money you spend re-invested in camp.
The Tuesday fish fry is a great way to meet other guests and swap fishing stories. The fishing's great, it's a good sized lake with a lot of bays and islands. If you're up for it, there are a number of good spots for a shore lunch. There is access to other lakes but with all the fish in Perrault Lake, there's just no reason to go. Over the years we've had our share of 28" walleyes and northern pike in the 40" range. The bass are plentiful; it's not uncommon to catch 'em in the 16" - 18" range. See you the 3rd Sat. in May..."
Keith, Wisconsin

"I have known Bob & Gale since the 70's. I have been to their lodge numerous times with family, employees and friends and have also spent time at a number of other lodges including fly-in locations. I have never found a location that has provides better customer service and friendliness toward their guests than Rainbow Point Lodge provides. The fishing has improved since the 70's and will allow you to have a chance to land that trophy you are looking for. Yes there are some other lakes where you may catch more numbers but none will match the experience of staying a week at Rainbow Point.
You will not regret going to Rainbow and will make friends for life."
David, IA

"Hi folks
We had a very enjoyable, relaxing week .We read all the testimonies from previous visitors and they are true! We loved our cabin (6) and the location. Not many people get a view like that AND an airplane in the front yard. The lake is beautiful-just the right size, plenty of places to fish, and easily accessible in a short time.
Your staff is exemplary, very helpful and attentive. The girls in the store (Louise and Shannon) are very friendly and helpful (I even got a few walleye tips from Louise), George is a real asset and we enjoyed meeting him and his wife. Shorty gave us all the "ins and outs" on the boat. An organization is only as good as it's people, and you have very good people working with you. We hope to return next June or July possibly.. .We want to see Bob in action with those huge skillets!
Again, thanks for the hospitality. You have a first class lodge and first class people."
Best Regards,
John and Nola, WV

"Bob & Gale:
Thanks so much for everything you and your crew did on the trip. We all had a great time. We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful terrain and accommodations. It was a once in a lifetime trip for some of the guys. The crew were great and we enjoyed swapping stories with them. The two that went to your fish fry had a great time there. One of the guys took a snapshot of his plate he was so impressed!
Thanks again for your hospitality"
Steve, MI

"Life has been busy!!
It's hard to believe we have been back home for about a month now. Our family really enjoyed visiting your lodge this past summer. We had a great time, the accommodations were great, and we really enjoyed the fish fry and other activities. Everyone was very helpful and polite.
Thanks again and best of luck!!"
Scott, Lizanne, Kallie and Matthew, MN

"Attached are a few pictures of the 10 pound, 30 inch walleye that my brother and I caught during our stay if you would like to use it on your website. Thank you for your hospitality, your employees were very friendly and the service was great. We all thoroughly enjoyed our stay. "
Best Regards,
Dave, MI

"Hi all,
Just got back, the flight was much better on the return. I personally felt like I was leaving home. Would love to come back for either the moose or bear hunt. I would believe that it's hard to mix business and hospitality together, but you do it well, thank you.
Aloha and Mahalo"
John and Al, HI

"I can't think of anything that could have been improved. We really enjoyed staying at the lodge. Everything was well kept and all the staff were extremely helpful. We especially enjoyed talking with George, he was always very helpful and very good at knowing what Benjamin was asking for when we sent Ben down for bait. Thanks very much!"
Jason, Karen, Ora, Ben, MN

"The time spent with you was great. I can't think of one thing that I would have you change or do differently....can't fix perfect!!! I think the two oldest guys(Darrell and Jerry) will be back next year, gotta love retirement. I think the rest of will all be back in 2013. Thanks for everything,"
Jason Fremming, WI

"Gale & Bob:
Thanks again for another great fishing experience at Rainbow Point! This was the best year of fishing since we started coming in 2008-probably because we are becoming more familiar with the water. As usual, staff, accommodations and equipment (love the new motors!) were exceptional. Howie will be sending photo's of the 30" Walleye! See you next year!"
Keith VandenAvond, WI

Thank you for always taking such good care of us. Hard to believe we are coming to the end of our year 3 at Rainbow Point. We know now why so many keep coming back!
Thanks for having us,
Carol, Brent, Sutter & Drake, Manitoba

"I meant to mention this to you two and never did (wish I had!) When we arrived on Saturday we took a walk around the grounds to find everything. I noticed one of your crew members hanging sheets on the line. What a treat to climb into bed after a wonderful first day and be treated to crisp line-dried sheets. It was a fantastic ending to a memorable day. The tidy cabins (no bugs, no dust bunnies under the beds, truly CLEAN dishes in the cabinets and two freshly seasoned cast-iron skillets) did not go unnoticed. Those little things really make a difference.
Thanks again for a wonderful time!"
Julie Boivin

"Thanks for an incredible week! The kids have informed us that this was the best vacation we’ve ever taken, we agree wholeheartedly. They loved the recreation room with all those awesome games and the big comfy couches for their occasional “down-time”. The swimming (yes, that was our bunch swimming in the rain) was great, as was the play area. This is a great place to take the family for fishing and fun. We caught plenty of fish. I was impressed with the bait house crew. They know the lake and were very helpful when it came to letting us know where to find the fish.
The camp fish fry was a blast. In fact, I’m still dreaming about those fantastic fries! (Thanks Bob!) I know you can’t take credit for the scenery and wildlife, but they sure added to the experience. We definitely would recommend your resort for not only the fishing enthusiast, but for a great family vacation as well. Your resort is on the top of our list for next year’s family vacation. Thanks again Bob and Gale!"
Todd, Julie, Dan and Sam Boivin ~ Wisconsin

"Thank you so much for the great experience on Perraut Falls. Your resort is extremley enjoyable and your staff was very generous and helpful with all of our needs. "
The Sweeney Family, 2010

"We loved your camp and the hospitality. It is by far the best combination of boats, camp and people we have had in Canada."
Dave Verhille, IA

"I want to thank you for a great week in Canada. My son, Justin, and I had a wonderful time at Rainbow Point Lodge and are looking forward to another visit soon. The Kansas City crew is still talking about it. It was also special for Justin who lost his Mom to cancer in July 2009. We will always cherish the memories you all made for us. You all be Good! "
Sincerely, Mark and Justin Wastler

"I am part of the southern Iowa group that stays with you each year in early June. As always, we had a great time this year. And always, the week went be way too fast. But thank you, Bob and your entire group for a great time. I can't imagine a greater experience. We start planning for next year as soon as we get home. Thank you again for providing us with a great time; another year of memories, pictures and stories (some of which we actually share!). We will see you next June. Take care."
Tom Mosbach, IA

"Great time again at the greatest fishing camp in the world. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your "on the spot" hospitality. In the 22 years of coming north to fish, it just keep getting better. It's all worth the 1100+ miles from Ky. This year was again a unique experience with the fishing and wildlife viewing. With just my wife and myself, it was not easy to prove the big fish catches of two 28" walleye within one hour in the same place (no, not the same fish) and my wife left back at the cabin. I'm just thankful for digital cameras with video capability. Same thing with a 40" Northern Pike... all alone with only the camera to prove my catch AND release of all three large fish. The wildlife viewing never disappoints us. Getting up before daylight one morning(boy, that was hard on Lorri), heading up the Ord River, and seeing 7 moose, one large buck deer in velvet, plenty of beaver, ducks, eagles and too many other things to name was well worth the loss of a little sleep. Thanks again to George and Nikki for their "beyond the call of duty". We're already planning for next year. God Bless and hope to see you all then."
Dave Nix, KY

"I meant to write earlier to say that your place is one of the best and nicest I've seen. And you seem to have a lock on clientele who are clearly repeats. Good job"
Tim Gallagher

"I wanted to say thanks again to you and the entire staff for making our second stay at your lodge so enjoyable. The fishing was great,as always. The scenary incredible, and the pics we got of eagles, ducks, moose and other critters were just amazing. Your staff was always helpful and made the week even more enjoyable. The lake and your lodge is such a great place to unwind and enjoy life - we hope to return soon!"
Doug DeJong and crew, KS

"I want to thank you for the fantastic time. As usual Rainbowpoint and Perrault Lake delivers "Big Time". Within the the first hour of being on the lake we caught fish, we easily boated close to if not a bit over 100 fish for the week. We where killing them. All this could not be made possible without the support of your Rainbowpoint staff. George and Nicki where great, Bob thanks for setting up our excursion and Gale thank you for your hospitality. Every year I'm always impressed on how clean and well maintained the equipment and the camp grounds are kept.....You guys run a Grade "A plus " camp." Thanks Again!!!
Al Romero and Mike Kassmier

"We enjoyed our stay.......facilities excellent......fishing excellent (157 walleyes plus assortment of northerns, perch and crappies!!!!!!, 1 huge 23" sucker (1st ever). weather perfect (60s and cloudy). Ate fish everyday and returned remainder to lake.......life is good. attaching pic of my 23+" walleye which was returned for future fishing. Thanks for the par excellence hospitality."
Alan Singstock, WI " We made it home safe and sound with out any problems. Just letting you know all the guys and I just loved our stay at your lodge; it's a beautiful place, with a comfortable cabin on the lake, a spectacular water fall, a lake with allot of water to cover and all the wild life in the thick bush. What an experience for our very first black bear hunt - I can't wait to do it all over again. The weather wasn't the best for hunting but we fished and hunted hard ,while...... every body but Rick, even though everybody did not harvest a bear ,the hunt is not only about the kill but about the different wild life you see while on stand ,a huge wolf at 16 yards!! ,come on !! That made my trip right there and the camaraderie with friends and the new people we met. We made memories that will last a life time. And a big shout out to George for all the hard work he did for us and showing us all the good honey holes on the lake. I'll burn a CD of the pixs we took and I'll send it out tomorrow. Good luck Moose hunt'n Bob, take care Gale, and we'll see ya at the sport show."
The Boys from Waukesha and......... Mr.Themacell from Muk Town

"Well we made it home and I just wanted to take a second and thank you for the great week. I have never had to hunt in the rain for a week and I hope I don't have to again but at least this one had a good ending. We all commented that we now can appreciate what real service is on a Canadian fishing/hunting trip. Thank you again for everything and we are already talking about 2011 for a repeat."
Matt Block, Lena, ILL

"Thank you so much for all you done! My father and I had a blast bear hunting for the first time & fishing and the hospitality was Fantastic. Rainbow Point does have the best friendly service. I will recommend this place to anybody that wants to have an enjoyable time. "
Mathieu Labs, WI

"Made it back to WI......Can't say enough of how wonderful the trip was. My boat alone caught over 100 Smallies for the week. I put a full post on Lake-Link.com under the Canadian Link. Here are some of the Pictures Me, Big Dave and CJ caught. Hope to see ya next year."
Keith Saeger, Racine, WI

Subject: Great trip to Rainbow Point
Just wanted to let you know how good of a time my group had up there last week. The hospitality, cabins, boats were all fantastic. Everyone in our group appreciated all the help from the staff as we struggled to find the fish. We are hoping to make a trip back in a year or two and we will definitely be headed back to Rainbow Point. Thanks for the great week."
Brian, McGowan IA

"WOW, I guess. Started out a bit rough as we found ourselves in Grand Forks with the sirens blaring. No damage but clothes beneath boat cover got wet. However, Gale came to our rescue and dried them for us. Then my trolling motor battery went flat. Bob supplied a new one and even installed it. Next the trolling motor release/pull cord broke. George came up with a new one and helped install it. These folks are the greatest. Oh yeah, the fishing. My daughter was on her first fishing trip ever and her son's wife was making her first trip to Canada. Within the first hour of fishing my daughter had caught 3 nice keepers and then she caught a 28 incher which was released. I've never heard so much giggling and laughing! Yep, she's hooked. Granddaughter didn't catch any 28 inchers but like the rest of us, caught her share of 19-20 inch fish most of which were released. We did catch enough 15-18 inch fish for a couple of fish fries as well as enough to take home. Bass fishing was phenominal as always. Don't have a clue how many we caught as we weren't fishing for them. Only problem we had was finding perch. I'll learn to live with it. Haha. All in all it was a great couple of weeks vacation and we're already looking forward to next year. "
Ken and Carolyn Wondra, Bella Vista, Arkasas

"Just wanted to let you know we returned home safely on Saturday night after a great week at Rainbow Point despite the weather. I just want to "thank you" again for the hospitality you provide at Rainbow Point Lodge. This was the first time for my younger son Tyler and for our friends Ed and Craig Moreno. We all had a great time. Like I told you, one week is not enough. Maybe next year we can do a 10 day stay. We hope to see you at the All Canada Show in Madison, WI in January. Have a great rest of the summer and we hope all goes well. Take good care and be safe and well."
Jim, Chris and Tyler Gatz and Ed and Craig Moreno from the only Waunakee, WI in the world !!

"We've been coming up for either 23 or 24 years and we are never disappointed. Fishing was great the week of June 20th-27th. Our two granddaughter's each caught a 27" walleye and was that a treat to see them reeling them in. That week on Thursday we went out late morning, maybe for 3 hours and we caught 20 walleye ranging from 20" to 29", it sure was fun catching and releasing, the grandkids made sure we took a pictures of every fish. See ya next year and let us know when you get your plane. eh!!
The Gardebrecht's from Suring, WI.

"I wanted to send you a couple of pictures for the website and tell you how much fun we had fishing at your place last week. As first timers we struggled at the beginning of the week given the weather change and being on a new lake, but everyone was very helpful and by the middle of the week we were comfortable with the lake and catching fish. My kids had a blast with the northern pike on top water lures. This is all they wanted to fish for after they caught a couple that way. My son is bummed about as he calls it now "boring Indiana largemouth bass". I think he got spoiled. Again I wanted to say thanks for a great week and good food at the fish fry. The week went way to quick! We look forward to coming up again hopefully next summer.
Note all fish were released with the exception of the 20'' Walleye that was caught off the dock."
Thanks - Steve, Vicky, Ashley and Clint Spesard, also my nephew Cole Holinaty - IN

"I just wanted to send a note to let you know how much my dad, son and myself enjoyed our stay at Rainbow Point. We've been to a number of different resorts over the years and have never been to a place as clean as yours and the hospitality you showed us is second to none. From the time we arrived, you and all of your staff treated us as if we were good friends and had been coming for years. It made it feel as if you all had known us forever. A special thanks to George for putting us on great fishing which made it the trip of a lifetime for the little guy and gave us great memories to talk about for years to come. We'll be back again next year as I feel our look for a resort to stay at each summer has come to an end!
Thanks again for one of the best trips we've ever taken."
Bob & Elijah Keppers, MN

"Good morning Gale/Bob. Just wanted to touch base with a quick note on what a great week we had last week. The fishing was the best and the hospitality was second to none. I know for a fact my sister had never experience fishing like she did last week. I'm already looking forward to next year, talk to you soon."
Raymond Gockman, Il

"I thank you both for the exceptional level of hospitality we received on our first visit to Rainbow Point. The fishing was sensational thanks to the tips from George. My two 15 year old sons say it was the greatest fishing trip ever and I have to agree. Every aspect of our vacation was better than I had hoped (even the weather was great) and the fish fry was particularily fun. We shall return for our next fishing adventure and probably many more.
My sons and I thank you."
Gordon Huen, Manitoba

"Just wanted to drop a note and tell you what a great time we had last week. As always you and your staff were most gracious and fun to be around. It was greatly appreciated. Hope to return next year with Ryan. I hope the rest of the year goes well."
Randy Walter, Wisconsin

"I just wanted to say thanks for a very enjoyable and memorable time we had last week at your lodge. Everything was great, even if it took us a few days to figure out where the fish were! On the way home, my boys and my 85 year old father were already talking about coming back next year! We didn't take a lot of photos but I am attached a few, including my dad Don's 32 inch northern .... he is still showing everyone the bent hook that he caught it on! It was definitely the highlight of his week!"
Thanks again, Doug DeJong, Overland Park, KS

"Thanks so much for a great stay! The fishing was exceeded only by the hospitality of the Hosts! Lord willing, we'll see you again next year!"
Wayne & John Farnberg, Alexandria, MN.

"We had a great time fishing & relaxing at your resort. It is truly a "slice of Heaven". We hope to see you again next year."
Tom & Ceci Andrews, Phoenix, AZ. June 1, 2008.

"Kris and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time that you and your crew helped make for us this past week. The cabin and boats were in awesome shape and the cookout was once again a treat to go to. We look forward to seeing you next year..."
David and Kris Oberer, Neehah, WI

"Hello Gale and Bob we had a great time this week up at your place, we had cabin 26 and for the 6 times I have been up there this was the best of all of them.. We all thank you for the hospitality and the cleanliness of your camp.
Roger Brower, Waukesha, WI."

"Gale & Bob,
We would just like to tell you what a great time we all had. Things could not have gone any better. The fishing was great, thank you Bob, the hospitality was first rate. We will definitely be seeing you again next year."
Roger Hale, Waukesha, WI

Hi Bob & Gale
"Just a quick note to say "thanks" for the fun week we had at Rainbow Point Lodge! We appreciated the "week early" fish fry -- even if it was cut short by the rain -- the fish was delicious. Cabins and equipment were great, fishing was great even though the "catching" was a little slow. Your staff was courteous and helpful. Saw that you have Denis' 25" walleye on your web site - nice fish, aye!!
Thanks again, Ellis Odermann and Kansas gang!!"

"I'd be more than happy to say a few words about your wonderful lodge and staff. Firstly and foremost, we all were very impressed by the amount of hard work that the staff puts in each and every day. There was always someone around to get bait, gas or anything else that we needed. Also, everyone was willing to answer questions, give tips, or just shoot the breeze for a few minutes. We really felt like lifelong guests even though it was our 1st visit. Many camps just check you in and then you are on your own. Not at Rainbow. We also loved the wood flooring in the boats. Very stable and comfortable. The cabins were very comfortable and clean. A pleasure to come home to after a day on the lake. I've been to many fishing camps over the years but have found my favorite in Rainbow Point Lodge. I definately will be back and have even talked my wife into a trip! She loved the pictures and was impressed with my enthusiasm for your lodge. Keep in touch and I look forward to seeing all of you again soon."
Bill Davis, IL

"Thanks!!! Just wanted to thank you for our fantastic trip up there in June. My brothers Nic and Greg and my brother-in-law Rob & I have not caught fish like that since we were kids. It brought back great memories. The highlight was our last night. My younger brother Nic was tired and didn't want to go out. I talked him into it and lucky I did cause he caught his first musky, a nice 41" back in the bays. It was a great trip. On the way home we saw 2 bears a moose and a wolf. Can't wait to bring my kids sometime in the next few years. Thanks again."
Dan Hannon, WI

"We wanted to drop a quick note to thank you all again for the great time we had at Rainbow Point last week. We have been to other camps and have had various problems, from substandard accommodations, to poor equipment, to surly staff to name just a few. We were extremely happy with our stay at Rainbow Point. Accommodations were neat, clean and comfortable, the equipment was in excellent working condition and the assistance from the staff was at all times absolutely fantastic. You guys absolutely ran the table, which is truly impressive work over the course of a week. We did also notice how hard everyone there worked to make this happen and wanted to reiterate our appreciation of that effort and the end result, which was an absolutely perfect trip.
Thanks again. The whole group had a great time and we will hope to see all of you again next year."
Mike Kassmier & Al Romero, IL

"Lonnie and I would like to thank you for another wonderful fishing vacation. The hospitality was great as usual. Hope you have a good season, and you don't have to work too hard. Will see you next summer. Thank you again."
Lonnie & Sandra Long, IA

"Following is a testimonial for the camp because of course, we love coming back each year, and wish we could spend more time up there. We have been vacationing at Rainbow Point Lodge for over 25 years and we plan to keep going every year. Bob & Gale have made the camp into a great family destination and the lake is beautiful. Whether you are fishing, or just out to enjoy nature, we highly recommend Rainbow Point Lodge on Perrault Lake."
Mary & Dave Trowbridge, IA.

"My dad and I left very early on Saturday morning for our drive home and didn't get a chance to say thanks and good bye. We had an easy but long drive and got home about 10:30 p.m. last night. We enjoyed our stay at your lodge. Everyone was very friendly and made us feel welcome. The week was very relaxing and exiciting at times while fishing and hunting. I appreciated everyone's assistance and patience with us. I am not one who likes to be away from home on lengthy vacations, but as the week wound down, I was sorry our time was up. I would have loved to stay longer and bear hunted some more. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to bear hunt for the first time and learned some things that should help me next time. Hopefully, I will get a chance to return and hunt another year."
Jim Shipley, MO

"Just wanted to thank all of you for another great week! Everyone enjoyed themselves and is ready for next year. Back to our daily lives and homes until we meet again for another affair with Rainbow Point next year. Take care and live well, EH! Rats! It can’t be over already!"
Dave Wetenkamp, WI

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